Welcome to pandubz's GitHub page!


My name is Brian. I'm a fourth year computer science major with experience in Java and C++. If we're counting web markup languages, then I suppose I can throw HTML and CSS in there as well.

What I Do

Bukkit Plugins

While the original Bukkit project was killed because of political nonsense, the Spigot project has kept Bukkit's legacy. I still call them Bukkit Plugins, and I host my plugins on my BukkitDev page.

Discord Tools

Discord is a free VoIP platform targeted at gamers and gaming communities. They have an API which has been implemented in many languages, and my work with this can be seen in the Discord Tools section.

Forge Mods

The Minecraft Forge project is another modding community. Forge provides a mod loader for both the client and server, and additionally they provide their MDK for both client and server side mod development. My work with Forge is available here in the Forge section.


Want to go right to a GitHub repo for one of my projects? Here's my profile.

Contact Me

If there is something you want to let me know about, be it suggestions, comments, constructive criticism, or something else, you can email me at redpanda4552@gmail.com.